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Nov 2017
Return to Costa Rica, Project FeederWatch, Fall Stwardship Projects, Native Plant Garden Tour Wrap-up, Field Trip Reports, Birding and Events Calendar.
Oct 2017
Cathleen Creley Memorial Fund, Environmental Stwardship Projects, Bluebird Trail, Fall Gaggle at the Lakehouse, Field Trip Reports, Birding and Events Calendar.
Sep 2017
Well Deserved Recognition, In Memoriam: Paul E. Bauer, Jr., Proposed Bylaw Changes, Annual Field Trip Calendar, Native Plant Expo and Sales, Fall Gaggle at the Lakehouse, Birding and Events Calendar
Jul 2017
Creve Coeur Park Needs Your Help!, Total Solar Eclipse Viewing, Native Plant Expo and Sales, St. Louis Native Plant Garden Tour, Birding and Events Calendar
Jun 2017
High Achiever Habitat Gardener, Field Trip[ Reports, Solar Eclipse at Shaw Nature Reserve, St. Louis Native Plant Garden Tour, Birding and Events Calendar
Mar 2017
Native Plants Pack 'em In!, Partner for Native Landscaping Events, Field Trips, Purple Martin Program, Columbia Birding Adventure, Volunteer Stewardship Projects, Habitat Adviser Training Workshop
Feb 2017
Save our Parks!, Purple Martin Program, Mid-Winter Open House, Field Trips, Native Landscaping Events
Jan 2017
A Winter Walk, Birds Eye View Program, Field Trips, From the Director, Mid-winter Open House, Native Landscaping Events
Dec 2016
Climate Watch, Feeder Watch, Field Trips, Mid-Winter Open House, Native Landscaping Events
Nov 2016
Workday recap, Fall events, From the Director, St. Louis Audubon Fall Gaggle, Field Trip Report.
Oct 2016
Nurturing and a Little Luck, Sustainable Giving Program, Field Trips, Vote YES, Fall Gaggle, Mallard Lake Prairie Project
Sept 2016
Birds, Bees, Butterflies & Bugs; Parks, Soils and Water in Missouri; President's Message; Field Trips; 2016-17 Calendar; Native Plant Expo; Legacy Giving
Summer 2016
Gaddy Bird Garden Update, Field Trip Reports, Breakfast in the Garden, Native Plant Garden Tour
Apr 2016
Trumpeter Swan Watch, President's Message, Native Plant Tour Registration, Thanks to Donors, April and May Programs, Spring Stewardship Projects. Volunteer Opportunities
Mar 2016
Ken Cohn, Field Trip Listings, March and April Programs, Spring Stewardship Projects. Volunteer Opportunities
Feb 2016
Eagle Days Thanks, March Program, From the Director, Field Trip Listing, Spring Stewardship Projects, Field Trip Report, Native Landscaping Workshop for Homeowners
Jan 2016
Mid-Winter Open House, February Program, In Memory of Jim D. Wilson, Grow Native/BCH Joint Program, Upcoming Field Trips, Field Trip Reports.
Dec 2015
Gaddy Garden Restoration, 100th Anniverary Pictures, Christmas Bird Count, Field Trip Reports
Nov 2015
Profile of Lillian Ernst, Fall Workday Recap, Bird Nest Box Report, Brentwood BCH Resolutioin, Field Trip Reports
Oct 2015
Profile of Dr. Robert Terry, Habitat Restoration Workdays, A Case for Pussytoes, Audubon Film Project, BCH Event Pictures, Trip Reports, Field Trips.
Sep 2015
Eco-Art in the Garden, Anniversary Celebration, Education Team, Bird Walks and Field Trips, Fall Workdays, Native Plant Expo
Summer 2015
MDC Partnership, Education Team Volunteers Needed, Indoor Cats, Audubon Society of MIssouri Meeting, Native Plant Garden Tour and BCH Photos, in Memoriam
Apr 2015
Donor List, Bat Program, Field Trips, Birding Brunch, Riverlands Bird Blitz, Native Plant Garden Tour
Feb 2015
Gull Workshop, Beginner Bird Walks, Backyard Bird Festival, Field Trips, Africa Birding Program.
Jan 2015
Mid-Winter Open House, County Park Makeover, Upcoming Field Trips, Riverlands Field Trip Report
Dec 2014
Essay: Repay Your Spark Bird, Mid-Winter Open House, Christmas Bird Count, Year-end Fundraising Appeal, Field Trip Reports and Listings
Nov 2014
Annual Dinner Recap, Stewardship Projects, Field Trip Listings, Field Trip Reports
Oct 2014
Audubon Climate Change Camp, Westlake Landfill and Coldwater Creek, Bird Housing in Creve Coeur Park, Field Trip Listings, Habitat Restoration Workdays, 2014 Annual Dinner
Sep 2014
Essay: Oh, For the Love of Birding, Field Trip Listings, Habitat Restoration Workdays, 2014 Annual Dinner
May 2014
Back to Nature at Queeny Park, Purple Martin Show & Tell, Passenger Pigeon Program, Field Trip Listings, Field Trip Reports, Naturescaping Open House
Apr 2014
Bringing Nature Home, Creve Coeur Park Access, Field Trips, Spring Projects, Earth Day Events
Mar 2014
Eagle Days Report, Woodcock Citizen Science, Spring Stewardship Projects, Educational Programs, Field Trips
Feb 2014
Parasites and Bird Populations, Open House, Programs, Field Trips, 2013 Donor Recognition
Jan 2014
Mid-Winter Open House, Migratory Bird Studies Program, Interior Department Threats to Eagles, Partners for Native Landscaping Programs, Field Trip Listings.
Dec 2013
Birdwatching Essay, Winter Open House, Field Trip Listings, Christmas Bird Count, Field Trip Reports
Nov 2013
Annual Dinner Thanks, Rusty Blackbird Blitz, Workday Projects Pictures, Field Trip Reports, Habitat Restoration Workdays, Birding Field Trips
Oct 2013
National Audubon Convention, Birding at Bellefontaine Cemetary, Field Trip REports, 2013 Annual Dinner Program, Habitat Restoration Workdays
Sept 2013
Washington Vacation, Field Trips, Nest Boxes in Creve Coeur Park, In Memoriam: William M. "Bill" Rudden, Annual Dinner, BCH Honors, Workdays.
May 2013
Eagle Scout Project, Peregrine Falcon, Field Trips, Programs, Celebrate Earth Day, Workdays.
April 2013
Scholarship Recipients, Watershed Cleanup, Field Trips, Programs, North American Breeding Bird Survey, Workdays.
March 2013
Supporter Thanks, Bring Conservation Home, Conservation Update, Programs, Field Trips, Workdays
February 2013
Open House photos and report, President's Message, Birding Reports, Programs, Field Trips, Missouri State Parks.
December 2012/
January 2013

Junior Audubon, November birding, Field Trips , Christmas Bird Count, Guest Essay: Chrissy McClarren
November 2012
Conservation Update, Field Trips, Great River Swan Watch, October Workday Photo Album, 2013 Hog Island Camp Schedule.
October 2012
An Opportunity to Give Back, Fall Migration, Field Trip Information, Eagle Scout Service Project, Habitat Restoration Workdays, Trip Reports.
September 2012
No Yard is Too Small, Field Trips, Fall Workdays, Purple Martin adn Bluebird Reports, Field Trip Reports, and 2012-13 Chapter Calendar.
May 2012
University City Bird Garden, BioBlitz, Awards Dinner Recap, Birding Field Trip and Activities
April 2012
Purple Martins, Habitat Work, Field Trips, 2012 Awards Dinner, Horseshoe Lake Trip Report
March 2012
Trumpeter Swan Watch, Native Landscaping Workshop, Field Trips, Monthly Programs, 2012 Awards Dinner, 2011 Donor Recognition
February 2012
Eagle Days, Mid-winter Open House, The Case for Natives, Dangers of Open Pipes, Birding Field Trips, Programs, and more.
January 2012
Highways and Wetlands (part 2),Wetland Feature, Backyard Bird Festival, Open House Social, Conservation Update, Birding Field Trips, and more.
December 2011
Highways and Wetlands (part 1), Trash Bash Recognized by MO AG, Field Trips, November Birding Report, Christmas Bird Count, Trivia Night Success.
November 2011
Habitat Report, Trumpeter Swan Update, Field Trip Information, Birds of October, Fall Workday Information
October 2011
September Birding, Grand Opening of Audubon Center at Riverlands, Field Trip Information, Field Trip Pictures, Arctic Refuge Protection, Volunteer Work Days, and Trivia Night/Silent Auction
September 2011
National Wilderness Month, 15 Minutes of Fame, Urban Bird Treaty Funding, Field Trips, Workdays, and Trivia Night/Silent Auction
August 2011
Native Plant Awakening, Fall Volunteer Workdays, Trivia Night, Convervation Corner, Field Trip and Committee Reports, In Memoriam-Torrey Berger
May 2011
Fred Weber corporate sponsorship, Nature Walk for Kids, Creve Coeur Park Update, Year-end Conservation Wrap-up, Hawn State Park, In Mrmoriam-Jenni Malie Higashiguchi, Field Trip Details, Monthly Program
April 2011
Prairies of St. Louis, Bring Conservation Home, Creve Coeur Park Events, Field Trip Details, Bird-Smart Clean Energy, Birding Adventures, 2011 Awards Dinner Highlights
March 2011
Prophet of the Prairie, Monthly Program, Conservation Update, Field Trip Report, 2010 Donors
February 2011
Eagle Days, Missouri Smew Sighting, Environmental Summit Recap, Great Backyard Bird Count, 2011 Awards Dinner, Events
January 2011
Urban Bird Sanctuary, Missouri Prairie Management, Eagle Days, Trip Reports, Events, 2011 Awards Dinner
December 2010
Christmas Bird Count, Honeysuckle Removal at Creve Coeur Park, Eagle Days, Trip Reports, Mid-Winter Open House, Monthly Program, President's Message
November 2010
Audubon Center at Riverlands, Field Trip Reports, California Birdin', Habitat Restoration Work, Conservation Forum, Tumpeter Swans, Calendar.
October 2010
MIssouri River Journey, Wanted, Audubon Nature Walk for Kids, Field Trip Information, Monthly Program, Tree Assistance Project, Carlyle Lake Report, Two Rivers NWR Open House
September 2010 (pdf) Science Fair Winners, Anniversary of Note, Monthly Program, Field Trip Details, Field Trip Updates, Habitat Restoration Workdays, Trivia Night, and Least Term Report.
August 2010
Birding Trip to Mexico, Field Trip Details, Monthly Program, Conservation and Education Updates, Trivia Night, and Memorial to Mary Lou Miller.
May 2010 (pdf) Awards Dinner Highlights, Field Trip Details, Monthly Program and Woodpecker Workshop, Wings of Spring Bird Festival, Birding Field Trips, Raffle for the Birds,Tree Project, and more.
April 2010 (pdf) Conservation Corner, Least Tern Update, Horseshoe Lake Trip Report, Monthly Program, Field Trips, and Calendar.
March 2010 (pdf) Avian Conservation Alliance Update, Creve Coeur Park Update, Conservation Updates, Monthly Program, Field Trip Details, and Calendar.
February 2010 (pdf) Mississsippi River and the Louisiana Coast, Eagle Days Recap, Riverlands Trip Report, Winter Bird Festival, Annual Awards Dinner, Monthly Program and Events Calendar.
January 2010 (pdf) Missouri's Savanna Country, Conservation Update, Great Backyard Bird Count, Eagle Days, Reopening of Hog Island, Birding Trips, Monthly program, and events calendar.
December 2009 (pdf) Habitat restoration at Creve Coeur Lake, Update on Opposition to the Riverview Casino Project, Memorial tribute to David Faintich, Birding trip reports, Monthly program, and events calendar.
November 2009 (pdf) Heron Pond Celebration, Riverview Casino Message, Field Trip Information, Creve Coeur Park Update, Holiday Open House, Monthly Program.
October 2009 (pdf) Carlyle Lake Trip Recap, Audubon Inventory Clearance, Creve Coeur Park Project Update, and information on birdwalks, trips, and monthly programs.
September 2009 (pdf) Carlyle Lake Bird Trip, Inventory Clearance Sale, Open House, Conservation Update, Birder's Journal, and information on birdwalks and trips.
August 2009 (pdf) Volunteer workdays at Creve Coeur Park, Least Terns at Riverlands, Interview w/Karen Meyer, Education and Field Trip recaps and plans for the coming year.
May 2009 (pdf)  
April 2009 (pdf)  
March 2009 (pdf)  
February 2009 (pdf)  
January 2009 (pdf)  

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