Jun 08

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Congrats to Dawn Weber on Platinum certification!

Dawn standing in her front yard with her new Platinum certification sign

Just last month, Dawn Weber received her PLATINUM yard sign that recognizes her creation of habitat for our native birds, butterflies and other critters through our Bring Conservation Home program.

In less than 4 years, she created over 4,000 square feet of habitat with over 250 species of native plants!

Dawn joins pretty elite company in the program. With nearly 800 landowners enrolled in the program since it began in late 2011, just 160 or 20% of those spaces have achieved any one of the three certification levels. Platinum is the highest level and hardest to reach with just 12 other residential landowners reaching that goal!

Dawn’s sun garden in the back yard, where plants like sunflowers, cup plant and wild senna can be as big as they want to be!

Her yard features 

–Full sun front yard 
–Rain garden in front yard 
–A large sun bed in the backyard 
–Plenty of dry shade in the rest of the backyard 

She’s seen countless birds, butterflies and moths, bees, other insects, spiders, harmless snakes, rabbits, opossums and more taking advantage of her urban wildlife habitat.

Dawn’s yard is on this weekend’s Sustainable Backyard Tour, #23, stop by and say hello! 

Please help us congratulate Dawn and thank her for doing such wonderful work to benefit our birds, bees and community! 

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About the author

Mitch Leachman

Mitch Leachman is the Executive Director of the St. Louis Audubon Society and coordinator of the Bring Conservation Home program.

He has been gardening with native plants for over 10 years and enjoys every one of the critters (including the rabbits and squirrels) supported by his current inventory of 65 species of native plants.

On staff with St. Louis Audubon since 2008, Mitch plans and coordinates many chapter activities, including Bring Conservation Home, community stewardship projects, fundraising, communications and outreach.

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  1. Shirley Cirio

    Congratulations Dawn!,
    And thank you for doing such wonderful work to benefit our birds, bees and community! ;} Thank you also for your informative posts, for sharing your amazing photographs, and your website expertise. You and your yard are stellar platinum!
    Shirley :))))

  2. Cori Westcott

    Dawn doesn’t just walk the walk. She willingly teaches and finds all kinds of innovative ways to inspire the rest of us.

  3. Charles D Pitts

    Dawn – congrats. And your sun garden is fantastic. Wonderful design and great plant selection.

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