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Landscaping with Native Plants

Using native plants in your landscaping plans is the single, most important step in attracting birds, butterflies and other native animals to your backyard habitat. The two groups evolved together over countless generations, many times becoming uniquely adapted to each other. Consider the Monarch butterfly-while the adult can feed on nectar from many different plants, the Monarch caterpillar can only feed on plants in the native milkweed family.



Native plants are also adapted to the climate of our region, including the hot summers and cold winters. Once established, natives require very little maintenance and often no supplemental watering. They come in a variety of attractive colors, shapes and sizes—suitable for any setting, formal or not. Our Bring Conservation Home technicians are trained to help you select native plants to fit your unique circumstances.




In general

  • Grow Native, the Missouri Conservation and Agriculture Department’s joint venture promoting native plants.

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Books on native plants

Native plants for sale



When you are ready to join us in building urban wildlife habitat,  complete the survey request form and the Program Coordinator will contact you for appointment scheduling.

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