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Program Details


The St. Louis Audubon Society envisions an ever-growing mosaic of native plant and animal landscapes across the St. Louis region, including even the smallest urban yard.

Our Bring Conservation Home Program provides on-site assistance to small, private landowners* in the greater St. Louis area for the restoration of native plant and animal habitat on their grounds. The Bring Conservation Home Program will offer advice in landscaping with environmentally healthy and sustainable native plant species, the removal of invasive plant species such as bush honeysuckle, water conservation on the urban landscape, and other stewardship practices that promote healthy habitat for birds, native wildlife and people.


After receipt of your application, we will contact you to schedule a visit by our trained habitat technicians. They will perform a landscape assessment using the program criteria and provide you a written report with simple steps to improve its habitat value. A follow-up visit will be performed upon request, and with compliance to the initial recommendations, you will be awarded one of three different levels of achievement (silver, gold or platinum).   Once certified, you will have the option to acquire a yard sign that will highlight your accomplishment to your friends and neighbors.

A modest service fee is payable at the time of the visit; no payment is needed in advance. The service fee is just $25 for Audubon members or residents/supporters of our community partners. Otherwise, a $50 fee will cover the Bring Conservation Home consultation and one year of support to the St. Louis Audubon Society.  Either fee includes the initial consultation and report and a second, follow-up certification visit.


When you are ready to join us in building urban wildlife habitat,  complete the survey request form and the Program Coordinator will contact you for appointment scheduling.


If you are interested in volunteering as a Habitat Advisor, please contact the Program Coordinator at 314-599-7390 or via email.


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