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Name: Cori Westcott
Date registered: December 14, 2015


Cori serves as a Habitat Advisor for St. Louis Audubon Society’s Bring Conservation Home program, assisting landowners in restoring native plant and animal habitat. Her own yard is certified Platinum and will be featured on the 2017 Native Plant Garden Tour. Cori is a past president of Missouri Master Naturalist, Great Rivers Chapter. She also coordinates monitoring efforts in the Grand Glaize Creek watershed for Missouri Stream Team.

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  1. The Spring Azure, Celastrina ladon — August 15, 2017
  2. Cup Plant’s Overwintering Residents — October 4, 2016
  3. “Do Hummingbirds Bite?” — August 8, 2016
  4. Oh, that Grapevine! — May 10, 2016

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  1. “Do Hummingbirds Bite?” — 2 comments
  2. Cup Plant’s Overwintering Residents — 1 comment

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Aug 15

The Spring Azure, Celastrina ladon

I was walking in Manchester, Missouri’s Seibert Park the end of May when a small blue butterfly caught my eye. I followed the Spring Azure, Celastrina ladon (form violacea) as it collected minerals from a small piece of rotting timber. They often extract vitamins & minerals from animal dropping, carrion and rotting wood. Lovely, huh? …

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Oct 04

Cup Plant’s Overwintering Residents

Someone told me It’s all happening at the zoo I do believe it I do believe it’s true   – from Paul Simon’s “At The Zoo”, 1968   When I think of the potential for a bustling natural winter community that may be happening in stems of my Cup plant, Silphium perfoliatum during the winter, Simon’s …

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Aug 08

“Do Hummingbirds Bite?”

I sent a ten year old sister of a piano student to go to my back yard, sit on the bench and count the hummingbirds that visit the red flowers (Cardinal flower, Lobelia cardinalis). She asked me (twice), “Do they bite?” “No, they don’t bite.” I was taken aback by the isolation a ten year …

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May 10

Oh, that Grapevine!

  Yes, I will agree with you. The grapevine can be aggressive in one’s garden. For that reason, I have always limited the grapevine population to less than three in my home landscape. I always suspected there was a critter who relied upon that plant for its survival. I never took the time to look it up until …

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